Delivering the learning

The third distinctive arm of the Campusforlife is the delivery mechanism. The goal is to produce a learning platform designed to be accessible via as many types of device as possible, embracing a variety of learning styles and the widest possible range of potential learners. With this in mind, the distinctive features include: • An emphasis on

Our pathway to learning

In order to deliver our desired change in attitude and behaviours, we need to define a pathway to learning that can encourage the changes to attitudes and behaviours at the heart of our learning philosophy and be delivered in a format attractive to the target audience, that is highly visual, delivered in short chunks to

Our philosophy of learning

Campus for life training is based on a specific philosophy of learning. We believe that most educational providers focused upon developing knowledge and skills. However, proficiency depends upon not just knowledge and skills, but also attitudes and behaviours. We think that employers are most interested in attitudes and behaviours, and this accounts for the fact