Why are lecturers so bad at making powerpoints?

It’s rare to enter a university lecture theatre without seeing a PowerPoint presentation projected on to either the wall or a purpose-built screen. PowerPoints have been heralded the ultimate learning tool to aid engagement, concentration, and convey key information – very useful when students are ferociously scribbling down what is being said by the lecturer

The Powerpoint Faux Pas you were mad about as a kid but should avoid now

Nothing sparks more joy than telling a group of children in school they can make a PowerPoint. When you were young, a PowerPoint felt exciting and definitely beat writing pages by hand. You’d often be partnered up with a friend, giving each other that knowing grin when your teacher put you together with the whole

What kind of procrastinator are you? Take the quiz to find out!

The dictionary defines procrastination as the following: to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. The word has gained popularity amongst so-called millennials who are often considered to put off important tasks that require attention in favour of pouring over social media, finding out what sandwich filling they

All the goals you’ve ever set and never achieved

Goal setting is often used as a way to boost productivity. We’ve all at some point set a target for ourselves with some of us better than others at reaching the end goal. New Year is often the time where we all reflect on our lives and set ourselves goals for the following year or

The 5 stages of writing a graduate job application

Stage 1 You’re sat at the kitchen table with a hot beverage and a couple biscuits, poised to sell yourself and make the 40,000 pound student debt you’ve acquired worth it. You’ve had your eye on this job for a while putting off actually filling in the application in favour of burying your head in

How the Great British Bake Off has shed light on the poor time management skills of the nation

The Great British Bake Off is a show that has gripped the nation for years, with its move to Channel 4 causing a bigger scandal than when Paul left S Club 7. Clever editing and a regular countdown from the presenters makes the tent appear high pressured with the bakes becoming more adventurous yet more

Group Work: We all dread it, and here’s why

If there’s one thing that is shared amongst all university students, it is the feeling of dread and irritation when the course leader announces that half of the credits for the module are to be awarded for a group project. They argue it’s what employers want to see and provides the key skills needed by