All the goals you’ve ever set and never achieved

Goal setting is often used as a way to boost productivity. We’ve all at some point set a target for ourselves with some of us better than others at reaching the end goal. New Year is often the time where we all reflect on our lives and set ourselves goals for the following year or even reassess that dreaded ‘Five year plan’, however goal setting can be a great way to stay focused on our achievements and secure that feeling of accomplishment for getting where we want to be all year round. It isn’t uncommon for some of us to be a little over ambitious with our targets, cue all the goals you’ve ever set yourself and never achieved…

  1. “I’m going to lose all my Christmas weight by the end of January by drinking only meal replacement shakes and vegetables”

This one pretty much goes out of the window as soon as you find that leftover Terry’s Chocolate Orange lurking in the bottom of your stocking. This leads to desperately trying to shift that extra stone in June before your summer holiday booked for July – someone pass the cabbage soup!

  1. “I’m going to start going to the gym before uni to get me pumped for the day and tone up”

The alarm goes off at 5am playing that dreaded sound that gives you terrors when you hear it in public as someone’s ringtone. You instantly regret sneaking in that extra episode of Game of Thrones last night that ruined your early night, and decide that an extra hour and a half in bed is more valuable to you than abs. You’ll just go tomorrow morning instead…

  1. “I’m going to procrastinate less focusing more on my daily tasks and less on beating my top score on Candy Crush”

You vow to research some tips and tricks and before you know it you’ve spent the last hour reading six articles about how to avoid procrastination and decide that Candy Crush is much more fun.

  1. “I’ll take up a new hobby to make me a more well rounded person”

After a quick Google you’ve signed yourself up to a life drawing class at 9am on Saturday. The weekend arrives and you resent the fact your lie in has been swapped for sketching a naked lady who doesn’t look like Rose from Titanic at all. You return home put off your cornflakes and vow to embrace your future as someone with no extra curricular interests.

  1. “I want to be all about positivity, negative vibes are so last year”

We’ve all seen the quotes on Pinterest: “Good vibes only”, “A negative mind will never give you a positive life”, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”. You vow to start the week on a high, smiling extra brightly at the barista when getting your morning coffee, refusing to be irritated when they forget the caramel syrup in your macchiato. However all it takes is negative feedback from a lecturer on an essay that you know was great, the local shop to be out of your favourite meal deal and your special seat in the library to be taken by someone else for you to be ranting to a friend about how awful your day has been, how you hate uni life and you’re wondering what the point of education is anyway.

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