What kind of procrastinator are you? Take the quiz to find out!

The dictionary defines procrastination as the following: to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. The word has gained popularity amongst so-called millennials who are often considered to put off important tasks that require attention in favour of pouring over social media, finding out what sandwich filling they are thanks to a Buzzfeed quiz, or doing pretty much anything to avoid actually completing the task in hand. But just what type of a procrastinator are you? Take the quiz below to find out…

You’ve bagged yourself a seat in the library ready to devote a few hours to your upcoming essay. How many times do you leave your chair for a drinks run, snack break, toilet trip, or simply to moan with your friend who is similarly struggling to focus on their assignment?

a) 2-5 times but only to legitimately empty your bladder and hydrate

b) Two times or less

c) More than 5 times

d) You decided to ‘work from home’ today but actually find yourself 3 episodes deep into the new series of Narcos

During a study session where is your phone?

a) On the desk but only to check references and as a study tool

b) In your bag away turned off, study time should be undisturbed

c) Turned on silent but on the desk so you can check your Facebook notifications every 5 minutes

d) In your hand as you scroll through Instagram having written only the title of your assignment

You’ve worked well for the last half an hour so naturally you deserve a break. What’s your procrastination task of choice?

a) Tidying your bedroom as let’s face it academic brilliance can’t be achieved in a messy environment. Sure it may take two hours to clear up your debris but it’s 2 hours that will ultimately help your education.

b) You opt for the usual bathroom break and refill your mug, nabbing your mates digestives along the way to act as brain food. Five minutes is up and you’re straight back to your assessment.

c) Episodes of the Big Bang Theory are half an hour each so naturally you do half an hour on and half off. Before you know it you’re half way through the season but you have at least written an introduction

d) You didn’t make it through half an hour so called it a day after 15 minutes in favour of the pub with your mates, you can finish it later

How long before a deadline does the panic set in and you decide to swap the Buzzfeed quizzes in favour of coffee and redbull?

a) Two days before. It’s going to be a push but you can get it done and probably afford a power nap too.

b) You don’t need to panic as your assignment is done with a few days to spare. You even offer to help a friend with theirs.

c) The night before. It’s mostly finished but you still have to go through and make edits, only after you’ve watched the season finale of House of Cards though, sleep is for lesser beings anyway

d) 3am on deadline day – thank goodness for electronic submission

Finally time for the results…

Mostly A’s: You’re a productive procrastinator. Probably the best kind to be, yes you put off doing things but at least you distract yourself with worthwhile endeavours.

Mostly B’s: You’re a poor procrastinator. Procrastination isn’t really your scene, why put off the inevitable when you could avoid the inevitable stress by being productive when it’s needed. We all want to be this person.

Mostly C’s: You’re a professional procrastinator. You procrastinate to the max, spending more time avoiding a task than actually undertaking it. Netflix is your best friend and you’re on first name terms with the library café staff.

Mostly D’s: You’re just plain lazy. You don’t do much in the way of productivity and don’t attempt to hide your procrastination as worthwhile. Always leaving assignments to the last minute and often snoozing your alarm, things are tough when you have no self-discipline.

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